Making global healthcare decisions smarter, not harder

When tackling the greatest healthcare challenges in the most challenging environments on earth, decisions save lives. Vantage is an AI-enabled platform that is already integral to the care of over 10% of HIV patients globally. It supported the testing of over 6.5 million people, tracked the treatment of more than 680,000, and helped healthcare professionals make the decisions that have led to the viral suppression of 93%.

In the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, Vantage helped screen over 2 million people, identifying nearly 10,000 potential cases. This reliable real-time information enabled hotspots to be identified, scarce resources to be allocated, and vital action to be coordinated and taken at scale.

Distributing the future of healthcare

Working closely with co-founders, we charged Vantage with a simple purpose: To distribute the future of healthcare. ‘Future, today’ is often hyperbole, and for all the power of technology, healthcare is still a deeply human act. Vantage is not just a marvel of computation, but a trusted colleague: one that is on our side, and at our side, when we need it giving us not only information but step by step guidance to use the next hour better. So, while still built on AI, we focused Vantage’s proposition here: ‘see next, to make now right’. We brought this to life through a new identity, underpinned by “data worlds”: an expansive language for data visualisation that lets the interface be more responsive to human needs in every interaction. 

See what’s next, to make now right

The clarity on the purpose and proposition have allowed the founders to change the way they talk about Vantage. Investors, clients and colleagues can now understand it’s distinct solutions and the company is able to explore new healthcare challenges with clarity. The new identity is rolling out across the Vantage platform and is already being seen on the ground as they support the fight against COVID-19 in Africa.

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