State Farm

Invigorating an American icon

State Farm is one of America’s largest insurance companies, renowned for their reputation as the Good Neighbor brand. With 19,000 agents across the country and a deep heritage of mutuality, the company has always been about human connection, protecting people, and doing the right thing.  

But as customer preferences change, their voice started to get lost in a louder chorus of competitors. As their offer and business continued to evolve, State Farm knew it had to lean into its DNA while evolving for the future.

Making the neighborhood multidimensional

After getting to know State Farm and spending weeks on the ground in Bloomington, Illinois, we partnered with a cross-enterprise team spanning marketing, creative services and enterprise technology to build the identity of the future. We started with State Farm’s distinct brand DNA – the ovals, the color red, and the ”Like A Good Neighbor” jingle – and worked to bring them deeper meaning. No matter where you see State Farm, it will help free you to seek your ideal future.

The oval became our key element, to show how State Farm moves, acts, and behaves in the world. From there, we designed an identity system with the emotional flex to work across the customer experience for today and tomorrow. In every experience, State Farm will follow our identity principles, with a future-forward perspective, inspiring a calming confidence even when things look rough, responding with genuine empathy like a good neighbor, and behaving like a guiding partner.

Our Verbal Identity codifies how a Good Neighbor speaks in the world, and provides tools for practitioners across the business. The new bespoke typeface, Mecherle – named for State Farm’s founder, George Mecherle – grew from the ovals in our logo, and inspired our iconography and pictogram system. Ovals shift based on customer needs to form compositions, and the motion and sonic systems build from the ovals and bring State Farm’s sense of optimism, empathy and community to the experience.

Truly responsive, for today and tomorrow

State Farm’s identity evolution will help them continue to innovate in the space without losing sight of their past. With a system designed to shift with the emotional state of an audience, they’re now in a position to protect people’s futures, to make insurance both tech forward and people first. Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there.

 Thank you to our partners on this work, including Cmoore Sound, Displaay, and Laura Alejo.

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