Google TV

TV designed around you

There has never been as much content available as there is today and it’s all accessible from the comfort of your own home. With this huge breadth of content, people are now struggling with too much choice or too little time to sift through the mountain of options.  People could do with a smarter navigation system, a system which helps you make decisions based on your mood or your environment. 

Google is in a unique position to help people navigate the content they’re looking for across all the Video On Demand services.  This is why Google TV launched: an end-to-end entertainment experience designed around you, to guide you to the content you’ll love and help you enjoy it in a personalized way.

Bringing the magic to life 

We worked alongside brand and product teams to create a new brand identity for Google TV. The Google TV identity is now simple, flexible and recognizable. It builds on the unique Google brand assets and is designed to work in a variety of contexts and situations. 

We intentionally hero the TV in the product icon, crafting the use of colours, ratios and rounded edges to make it unmistakably Google and easy to understand. To activate the product promise, we developed the “glow”, representing the magic of the Google TV experience. Its motion behaviours are intended to help users navigate the ecosystem - guiding, highlighting and entertaining.

To represent Google TV in relation with partners as well as other Google brands and features, we developed co-branding and hierarchy options for the brand.

Launching with confidence

The launch of Google TV in September 2020 was very positively received. The identity helped amplify the next generation TV experience that only Google can deliver: creating a place where people can stop searching for what to watch, and start enjoying all their favourite content in one place.

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“Working with this team was an absolute pleasure. The brand identity is everything we were looking for: cinematic while being distinctly Google at the same time. We can’t imagine a more fitting look for Google TV!”

Holly Li

Brand Lead