To create contact magic

Enreach’s ambition is to grow from a group of multiple founder led businesses to Europe’s number one unified communications company. The group contains multiple product sets which provide connectivity, communication and collaboration tools that enable SME businesses to work wonders. To reach its ambitious goal, Enreach needs to create one culture and attract the best talent and partners to reach the whole market and become a European leader.

Magic, for our customers

We equipped Enreach with an ambitious purpose to create contact magic that helps their customers’ businesses, its partners and its users to work wonders. We worked closely with them to create a brand, purpose and proposition which provide clarity for the integration of the businesses into one culture and one platform informing UX, UI and technology development. The gestural logo, characterful animation and the almost impossible imagery celebrate and signal Enreach’s focus on the delight and magic of contact, making the technology more human. Delightfully simple, delightfully full of personality and delightfully in the background, making them stand out in the overcrowded, service focused tech world.

Clear direction

“Launching our new group brand Enreach to nearly 800 employees across 8 countries immediately galvanised employees across the different companies into doing different, doing together. It unifies us and has created one culture, with a clear focus and ambition. This really helps us building the company and the employer brand which will be vital for our success. We will now deliver it in a bold way across, bringing it to life across culture, product and marketing” Global CMO Reineke Beijdorff-Ackema 

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