Introducing the Conscious Brands 100 Report

Introducing the Conscious Brands 100 Report

The 2020s have already disoriented us all. They’ve shocked us, bored us, inflamed us and driven us to do things very differently. Global events are changing not just how we all feel and behave, but what we fundamentally value.

Today, we see that there is a clear need for brands to act more responsibly—to become more ethical, sustainable and prepared to make tough calls on moral and social issues.

But good isn’t good enough. If they’re going to remain competitive, there is also an urgent need for brands to be more responsive —more alive to peoples’ shifting identities, moods and cultures.

We’ve defined brands who play at this responsive and responsible intersection as ‘conscious brands’—more conscious of their impact and more conscious of the people they serve.

We see becoming a more conscious brand as a journey, not a simple overnight switch (as culture is always changing, nobody’s perfect and no brand is ever the finished article).

To help define where brands are on their conscious journey, we’ve created the Conscious Brands 100. Our aim is to help gauge how a brand measures up today and ultimately how it can be more conscious tomorrow.

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