Inside Wolff Olins: Roxanne Gonzales on Engagement

Hey Roxanne! Can you tell us a little bit about your role as Engagement Intern* at Wolff Olins, what it involves and how it came about? 

Hi! I’m responsible for assisting in project coordination, supporting engagement team initiatives and contributing to the overall success of the community’s endeavours. My day-to-day typically involves supporting other Engagement Managers (EMs) and our internal teams on various client projects, whilst sharing my own thoughts as I learn the ropes.

Prior to joining Wolff Olins, I was freelancing as an illustrator for We Are Raya. Although I enjoyed the role, I found that I was really interested in exploring the client relationship side of what it takes to build brands, and so this opportunity at Wolff Olins seemed like the perfect fit to apply some of my design knowledge within a client-facing environment. Luckily for me, I came across the internship, applied  and now here we are!

What does ‘Engagement’ mean at Wolff Olins, and do you think this is different from client services roles at other agencies? 

‘Engagement’ bridges the gap between our clients and the business, and that spans from finance to legal to our project teams. It goes beyond traditional account management. Engagement at Wolff Olins is quite unique as it’s more like a hybrid role of client services and strategy, helping to guide clients in the right direction - our blend of maths and magic that keeps everyday exciting.

What do you enjoy most about working with clients?

The projects are so diverse at Wolff Olins that I have a real chance to engage with a number of clients from a variety of industries. I enjoy the collaboration and observing how our EMs inspire our clients to embrace a greater ambition than expected. It’s definitely a shared journey and I’ve loved seeing how we approach the work as if it were our own brand.

What are the skills you've found most useful when engaging with clients?

Communication, adaptability and empathy. A huge part of engagement is about the relationships we cultivate and how we navigate through projects that are constantly evolving. Being responsive and adept at problem-solving is critical to ensuring the seamless delivery of our work.

Have you found the internship useful in terms of client exposure, learning about the industry and developing as a young professional?

Absolutely! The internship has been valuable on multiple fronts. It’s provided me with significant exposure to world-class clients at a very early stage in my career. It’s also been instrumental in deepening my knowledge of the industry and the incredible process it takes to create transformative brands.

The Engagement team here are so supportive and are your biggest cheerleaders when it comes to pushing you to get the most out of the internship. I’ve been super lucky to have shadowed multiple EMs who have played a massive role in how I’m developing my own style.

What would your advice be to others wanting to get into engagement or client services? 

Entering into client services or engagement requires a combination of interpersonal skills and a genuine commitment to meeting client needs. Try and enhance those skills, build your network, keep in the know of what’s going on in your industry and seek feedback where you can. 

*Since our interview, Roxanne has been promoted to Junior Engagement Manager and been offered a full time position in our London Studio!