New York

Associate Strategy Director

Community: Strategy

Reporting to: Executive Director, Strategy

Your community:

We’ve always been ambitious for the work and optimistic for the world, pushing what’s possible, exploring new ways of doing things and using our creativity to make a difference. Our strategy community makes sense of the complex and ambiguous nature of our work and provides our clients with the clarity and cut through needed to move the business forward.

Your role: This role is to help shape our projects with clear strategic thinking, skillfully navigating a broad range of brand and business issues and delivering consistently as the backbone of the team. You should be hands-on and versatile; going deep into the work to ensure it has tangible impact, guiding and supporting others, providing resilience in the face of ambiguity and change.

You are responsible for:

  • Shaping the approach and strategic thinking on key projects
  • Starting to build your own relationships with clients
  • Having a strong grasp on all brand strategy components from purpose to personality
  • Leading aspects of pitches and helping to win them
  • Working across multiple projects - up to three at any one time
  • Learning about our change offer and helping your clients explore how we could help them in this area
  • Staying at the forefront of developing innovative ideas on business, brand and culture
  • Helping to shape our Strategy community by introducing them to new skills, tools and approaches
  • Continuing to push our thinking in business and brand strategy
  • Being creative in your ability to help clients make bold leaps
  • Being empathetic and resilient enough to help your clients along the transformation journey to make the impact they desire
  • Understanding how to manage the design and creative process with your teams
  • Build your leadership skills so that you can shape and guide other team members
  • Acting as an ambassador for Wolff Olins both internally and externally

You should:

● Have sufficient experience across all fundamental aspects of brand strategy to take the lead shaping the strategic thinking on a project and building trust with a client. Being comfortable creatively to help your clients and teams see new perspectives and make creative leaps

● You will have a wide range of skills to help you manage and deal with complex client situations, helping to bring your ideas to life in the context of their organization and world

You will:

  • Be an effective communicator —in writing or person, you should be persuasive and articulate. You enjoy presenting and can clearly express your point of view. You listen to others and feel comfortable challenging convention with conviction
  • Build long-lasting relationships—you enjoy expanding your network and quickly establish rapport with your team and clients, with an interest in beyond transactional interactions to bringing everyone on the journey with you
  • Push the boundaries—always seek to push the work further, having the ability to understand the core issue and trust your judgement. You enjoy learning at pace and often on the job. You take the initiative to gain further sight from multiple mediums.
  • Cultivate optimism—you are optimistic for the world and our work, seeing challenges and opportunities, and thrive in bringing clarity to ambiguity. You are receptive to feedback, actively encouraging others to critique work to push it forward.
  • Show resilience—you should have the confidence to give clients the confidence to change. You work well under pressure and feel comfortable speaking and answering questions in a variety of settings and audiences. You are comfortable disparate inputs and viewpoints
  • Create new ways forward —You enjoy studying dynamics and principles at play within any challenge and putting forward new concepts and solutions. You should be inventive, imaginative, and determined to discover or create new ideas to make our work impactful and transformative.

Our focus on people and the world:

Wolff Olins believes in creating an environment where people can bring their whole selves to work. We are interested in our people having diverse points of view and different perspectives on the world. We set out to equip our people with the knowledge, confidence and tools to do the best work of their lives. Our purpose is to help our people create transformative brands that push businesses, people and the world forward.