2020 was a Holiday Season to forget! So let's make sure this year is #mykindofholiday

Whether you’re planning to cozy up, hit the road, dance like nobody’s watching or you’re feeling a bit ‘bah humbug’, we’ve created some fun little holiday pals for your seasonal greetings and your Insta. Send them to a loved one, or put them in your own posts. Because it’s the Holidays. And we all deserve to do it up in our own weird and wonderful ways. Let’s make sure this year is #mykindofholiday

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The Party Animal

The greatest gift? You in sparkling form all party season. The Party Animal is here to make sure you’re looking fresh to death, staying witty and never overstepping with the HR department. At least not till New Year...

The Cozy One

By the end of December you’ll be tired of going ‘out out’. Plus since 2020, you’ve become an expert at cozying up in your athleisure. So kick back like you’re snowed in. Turn on that Yule Log channel, light a candle, find that weighted blanket and enter Cozyville.

The Road Tripper

Whether it’s trains, planes or automobiles, you’re the kind of person who’s just gotta get to where you’re trying to go. And though it might be stressful on the highways and runways, The Road Tripper is here to bring the tunes, the cheer and the anger management techniques.

The Curmudgeon

If you hate the holidays, you’ll love the Curmudgeon! Whilst everyone else’s cup runneth over with festive cheer, never fear, this guy is always glass half empty. So if you’re happiest when you’re whining, wallowing and wheezing, well...misery loves company. But cheer up, the holidays only come around once a year!