Helping people get more from their money

The way the world saves, spends, invests, and even thinks about money is on the brink of fundamental transformation. And Revolut is leading the effort as one of the UK’s most valuable fintechs. 

Revolut started in 2015 as a fee-free way to transfer money from one currency to another. Since then, it’s become a place where people can open current accounts, savings accounts, invest in crypto and invest in stocks and shares. 

While its product offer and customer base have grown and evolved significantly, its brand hasn't. 

It was time for the brand to reflect all that the business does today - and its ambitious plans for the future.

Unlocking the power of money

Revolut approached us to define its brand strategy: the vision, mission and brand-value proposition. The goal? To attract new investment, expand its customer base and encourage current customers to use more of Revolut’s offer more frequently.

We started by commissioning qualitative and quantitative research with potential customers to understand their unfulfilled needs when it comes to the money in their life. 

Using consumer insight, along with competitive research and Revolut’s product roadmap, we created a new vision for the business that captures its ambition and responds to what people are looking for: Revolut is here to reinvent the way the world does money. 

To help the company achieve this vision, we defined a mission for the organisation: To relentlessly make all things money 10x easier, more rewarding and useful for everyone, every day. 

And, finally, to communicate the value Revolut adds to people’s lives, we created a new value proposition: Get more from your money. 

Revolut’s new vision, mission and value proposition gives it a singular, ambitious and relevant story to tell to the market.  

To accelerate growth for all

Following the work we did together, Revolut secured an additional $800m in funding, valuing it at $33bn - one of the UK’s most valuable fintechs. 

The new brand value proposition launched mid 2020, and helped Revolut emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than it was before – a real feat for the fintech market that struggled significantly as spending slowed. 

According to Kantar’s most recent annual UK’s Most Valuable Brands list, Revolut’s ‘Brand value change’ from 2021 is up 479%, and now listed as the 15th most valuable brand in the UK.

Wolff Olins partnered with Revolut to define the strategic direction. All visuals are property of Revolut.

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