We partnered with CMO Barbara Martin Coppola and CEO Matt Maloney to identify ways to solidify the national brand. We needed to elevate takeout as a dining option. We’d do this by bringing people closer to foods they love and aligning with special moments in everyday life.

Brand-led experience
To better define the opportunities, we worked with the executive team and across business units. We built a rich picture to identify emerging needs, and gave fresh thought to Grubhub’s role in the world. We aligned on a new brand vision, the shorthand for which is ‘move eating forward’. This challenges Grubhub to stay ahead of changing tastes, make use of data, and celebrate diversity.

To deliver on the vision, we had to reengineer the brand experience. Rather than focus on logistics, Grubhub would focus on dining moments that matter. We helped define these moments, from intimate evenings in to post-workout fuelling sessions, and built associated user journeys.

We developed a vibrant and comprehensive new identity system for use across marketing, sales and product —‘the new language of food’. It evokes a sense of playful celebration and is made for a mobile first world, where food-related content dominates social feeds.

“Their insights and creativity were invaluable in helping to elevate takeout as a dining choice”

Barbara Martin Coppola, CMO, Grubhub
Mouth-watering campaign
Together with Grubhub’s marketing team, we launched the brand through an integrated nationwide advertising campaign. Fast-paced and eye-catching, it celebrates the diversity of chefs, restaurants and diners in the US. It shines a light on the human moments that define our eating experiences. ‘Order food you love’ makes a powerful call to action.

The TV spot is snapshot of characters’ lives, letting viewers know that whenever diners are hungry and whatever they’re hungry for, Grubhub is there. Airing the second week of March 2016, it appeared on networks across all major markets in primetimeslots, and garnered over 190,000 views on Facebook in the first 2 days.

Out of home activations in Boston, Chicago, DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles saw the new visual and verbal identity system come alive. Whether you “Eat like A Boss”, want to “Dazzle Your Date”, or agree that “Winter Nights are Warmer with Ramen”, Grubhub lets you get food wherever you are. Digital screens provided another opportunity to play with ‘the language of food’.

“Combined with additional company-wide initiatives, our new brand vision helped us grow orders by 21% and revenue by 36% in 2016, based on year-on-year results”

Barbara Martin Coppola, CMO, Grubhub
A taste of things to come
We’ve started to translate the vision into product updates. New features will inspire diners, help them compare choices and make decisions, bringing them closer to the food they love as well as the stories behind its creation. Ideas like the new mmmoji keyboard app focus on delighting diners, allowing them to message in the language of food.

The overall results speak for themselves. The brand vision, alongside other company-wide initiatives, have been transformative for consumers, business users and shareholders. Revenue increased by 36% in 2016, based on year-on-year results.