How can a brand help farmers to grow more while protecting the environment? How can farmers in emerging markets benefit from modern techniques while ensuring a reliable income for their families? How can farmers share their knowledge in a connected world? And ultimately how can farming restore its status?

From early 2013 we worked with Makhteshim Agan Industries, a world leader in crop protection solutions, to a create a new global brand that supports farmers in meeting these challenges.

The new brand is called “Adama”, Hebrew for “earth” or “soil”. Adama strives to become the first farming brand built for the 21st century: farmer focused, delivering practical products and services for field and business, using digital technology to connect and enable growers around the globe.

Simply. Grow. Together.
Working closely with the senior leadership team, local distributors, agronomists, partner agencies and farmers from all continents we gathered valuable insights from every part of the organisation.

Through a series of field trips, workshops, roundtable discussions and interviews we developed a brand strategy that enables an entirely new value exchange between farming and the brand: developing over time from a financial transaction of products and money, to a close partnership built on trust and advocacy

“We now genuinely stand out as the crop protection company that puts the farmer first”

Jean Marc-Dardier, Global Head of Marketing, Adama

The essence of this exchange is the brand promise: Simply. Grow. Together. Based on this, we developed five principles to empower and focus the entire organisation. This helped every region to have a voice and share in the success.

A ground-breaking identity + architecture
We brought the thinking to life with a responsive identity that challenges the industry’s conventional approach to brand expression. Building on the farmers’ needs and concerns, it moved Adama from a language of complexity and distance, to one of simplicity and growth.

At its heart is a universal icon that can flex to help farmers navigate information, products and services. It’s agile and practical, but robust enough to stand out in the field and on packaging.

Adama is the first brand to introduce a consistent global colour-coding for product categories to avoid accidental confusion – a key challenge for farmers. It’s also the first to implement a unified, easy-to-read labelling system, with new cans to help prevent counterfeiting and promote safer usage.

The radically new brand architecture completely disrupts the industry standards to deliver simplicity: from a product-centric approach with hundreds of disconnected brands, to two farmer-centric ranges (‘Essentials’ and ‘Advanced’) that help people find the right product.

Lastly, the digital strategy is key. Adama will develop new services that help farmers to grow smarter in the field, but for the first time, it will use the power of the many to exchange experiences.