This is Jane.
Jane is excited for
the New Year.
She’d like to make a
resolution but isn’t quite
sure what it should be...
Perhaps her friends can
provide some inspiration!
First Jane visits Horse.
Horse has a troublesome
shoe habit – she intends
to nip it in the bud.
Jane politely concurs
and moves along.
Bear needs to improve her
energy. A daily diet of honey
and rubbish hasn’t done her
any favors. In the New Year,
Bear plans to try a trendy
juice cleanse, or maybe just
a bit less leftover pizza...
Turtle wants to do more
yoga. She’s hoping that it
will help correct her bad
posture. Jane commends
Turtle with an affirmative
Bee is going to stop working
for “the (wo)man” and
launch his own business.
He’s done with his busy
briefcase and ready for his
Jerry McGuire moment.
Come January, Sloth is going
to manage his time better.
He’s planning to keep track of
his daily to-do’s – including top
priorities, like 3pm nap time...
Jane pauses to ponder...

All my friends are resolving
to improve themselves and
try something new. Seems all
I do is ask a lot of questions.

And that’s when it hits her!
Being curious is the thing.
It’s what keeps Jane learning
and improving. Questions
always inspire her best ideas
and lead her on unexpected
journeys. Curiosity is
how Jane finds her passion
and purpose.

So, she resolves to keep it up.
Stay curious.
Stay connected.
Happy New Year!

Wolff Olins